About Us

Canvassingagent.com is an online platform for the farmer to sell the crops directly to the buyer without any hurdles. This tool offers a secured, monitored and direct business transaction between the buyer and the seller. This portal also displays the nearby availability of products, demand of certain crops and its best prices.

Who is a Canvassing Agent?

Canvassing agent is a person who shows his potentiality to the end-user and the food processing industry, whereby the canvassing agent acts as a bridge between the farmer and the end-user.

How does it help Farmers?

Many farmers are clueless of the number of genuine buyers in their location and proper marketplaces to sell their produce. The farmers are bound to sell their crops in bulk quantities, since they are poor land owners thriving for money to lead a livelihood.

Getting to understand the problems of farmers we have come up with this farmer friendly tool. This tool/website provides a choice to the farmer to sell the crops based on the market prices to his selected buyer, that is displayed with on the website with complete authentication.

Farmers will be able to sell Agri-products directly to the customers or food processing industries without any manual intervention. This website provides a 'User-Friendly UI' with an on call 'Customer Support', designed especially for farmers, thereby crossing out any traces of difficulty or doubt. Potentiality and the prompt services of the canvassing agent are provided to the farmers and the end-users.

How does it help Canvassing Agents?

This online secured platform helps canvassing agents to buy the crops directly from the buyer and do direct business transaction. Once the canvassing agent registers themselves on this portal, he would be given direct access for nearby availability of products, supply of certain crops and its best prices. Our platform uses certain digital modes, to allow the interested Canvassing Agents to reach out to farmers. By accessing to this portal the canvassing agent gets the accurate information directly from the farmer without the involvement of middlemen in the transaction.

Online information and services are updated from time to time which helps the canvassing agent to contact the exporters and the importers directly. Canvassing agents are given the freedom to buy their crops to the best price offered by a list of interested buyers.

Also Canvassing Agents can get required digital information at their doorstep.

The available crops are sorted on the dashboard based on the location, date of arrival and stock availability.

More about the Canvassingagent.com

This website is a hub for Agri-products. All the buying and selling transaction can be efficiently performed online without any intermediaries and discrepancies. Public Rating option is provided where rating of the supply can be done to share a quick feedback with us to improve further. Transparency is maintained for the products in various aspects such as price, quality, freshness and deals.